Learn to maximize your income in Real Estate
Without The Hassles of Owning Real estate



We can diversify your portfolio by introducing real estate as a different asset class to your overall investment strategy.

Proven higher returns

The average house price of real estate has risen an average of 11.7% per years over the last 15 years.

Lower volatitlity

A lot of factors are required to impact real estate prices. Any impact takes months, sometime years before you see a change.

No property management

All of our projects are designed for the inexperienced passive investor. All property management is assumed by Innovalty.

2 to 3 year exit strategy

To limit your exposure and to reduce your risks, all of our projects are a maximum of 2 to 3 years. Like leasing a car.

Fully managed

We find the tenants. We find the properties. We guarantee the payments and cover all maintenance and repairs for the term.

To help people Invest in Real Estate
and earn High Rates of Return

Why Investors Choose Us


Over 25 years of real estate investing experience

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Passive Investments

All our investments are designed for busy people

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Can provide diversity with real estate asset class

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Learn How to maxmize your income In Real Estate

Without The Hassles Of Owning Real Estate